En er Mundo


En Er Mundo
The Royal Wind Music.

Conductor: Paul Leenhouts.


01 Juan Carlos Quintero Muñoz
  • En er mundo (1903 – 1980) Pasodoble torero, c.1930
02 Julio Salvador Sagreras Ramirez
  • El Colibrí (The Hummingbird) (1879 – 1942) (“Imitación al vuelo del picaflor”)
03 Anonymous
  • Maman, dites-moi (Mother, tell me) (French, 18th century) from: Bergerettes, Romances et Chansons …, Paris, 1894
04 César Auguste Jean Guillaume Hubert Franck
  • Marche (1822 – 1890) from: L’Organiste, vol. II, nr. VI, 1890
05 Francis Jean Marcel Poulenc
  • Villageoise II: Staccato (1899 – 1963) from: VI Villageoises / Petite pièces enfantines, 1933
06 Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim
  • Meditaçao (Meditation) (1927 – 1994) 1963
07 Jobim
  • Samba de Uma Nota Só (One note samba) 1961
08 Ástor Pantaleón Piazzola
  • Otoño Porteño (Buenos Aires Autumn) (1921 – 1992) 1969
09 Jerry Gray
  • String of Pearls (1915 – 1976) 1942
10 American Traditional
  • Lonesome Road Blues (Bluegrass version)
11 Kaj Tapio Rautavaara
  • Sininen Uni (The Blue Dream) (1915-1979) 1950
12 Scottish traditional
  • Bog an Lochain (The Water Ouzel) Strathspey from: The Athole Collection, 1884
13 Irish traditional
  • King William’s Rambles
14 Walther Derschmidt
  • Boarisch (*1933)
15 Joop de Leur
  • Zuiderzee-ballade (1900 – 1973) 1958
16 Ralf Arnie
  • Tulpen aus Amsterdam (1924 – 2003) 1959
17 Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Stück für Flötenuhr nr. 30 (1732 – 1809) Hoboken XIX, 1793
18 Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi
  • Noi siamo zingarelle (1813 – 1901) from: La Traviata, 1853
19 Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
  • Лимож. Рынок. (The Market-place at Limoges) (1839 – 1881) from: Pictures at an Exhibition, 1874
20 Rentarō Taki
  • 荒城の月 Kōjō no Tsuki (Moon over the desolate Castle) (1879 -1903) 1901
21 Nagayo Motoori
  • 七つの子 Nanatsu no Ko (Seven Baby Crows) (1885 – 1945) 1921
22 Chinese traditional
  • 红豆词 (The Red Bean Poem)
23 Greek traditional
  • Χασαποσέρβικο (Xasaposerviko)
24 Dutch / Flemish Traditional
  • Daer was een sneeuwwit vogeltje (There was a little snow white bird)
25 Slovenian traditional
  • Gömöri (Vasvári) Verbunkos (Men’s Dance from Gömör)
26 Béla Viktor János Bartók
  • Elvesztettem páromat (Andante) (1881 – 1945) from: Gyermekeknek (For Children), 1908 – 1909
  • Román népi táncok (Rumanian Folk Dances) 1915
27 Bartók
  • I Joc cu Bâtă (Stick Dance)
28 Bartók
  • II Brâul (Waistband)
29 Bartók
  • III Pe Loc (On the Spot)
30 Bartók
  • IV Buceameana (From Bucium)
31 Bartók
  • V Puargă Românească (Romanian Polka)
32 Bartók
  • VI Măruntel (Fast Dance)
33 Bartók
  • VII Măruntel (Fast Dance)

All arrangements by Paul Leenhouts

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En er Mundo

The Royal Wind Music

Conductor: Paul Leenhouts

Taken from an interview with paul Leenhouts, arranger and director of The Royal Wind Music by Sara Hessel, music director at kMFA Classical Austin 89.5, Texas

Could you tell our listeners a few details about your new album ‘En er mundo’?

For this encore CD I was delighted to arrange a mélange of 34 pieces from all over the world, resulting in a colourful collection which certainly doesn’t pretend to be part of the standard repertoire of a renaissance recorder consort. Perhaps, from a classical point of view, one could even be heavily criticised for performing Mussorgsky, Verdi or even bluegrass and Bartók on recorders, particularly when played on diatonic instruments at A=460, tuned in meantone temperament… On the other hand, composers/ arrangers of the past also occupied themselves with creating musical ‘divertimenti’, often for quite unusual instruments. Think of Haydn’s or Beethoven’s compositions for a mechanical flute clock, or programmatic music depicting a storm at sea, a battlefield or fighting school, or the imitation of nightingales and other ornithological species.

It has been a rather enjoyable challenge trying to capture the best possible caricatures and criss-crossing stylistic ingredients of works which have their origins in a particular era or country. Within the ‘authentic’ context of an encore, my wish as an arranger has been to create the ultimate charming musical ‘souvenir’, while paying respect and attention to either the beauty or the exotic and virtuosic elements of the original.

Where did you find all these musical souvenirs? What made you choose this repertoire?

Certain musical souvenirs bring back good memories: during tours with The Royal Wind Music it has always been my pleasure to add a special arrangement to a concert programme, which was performed as a musical ‘gift’ to an audience in the encore’s country of origin. Two simple, short but captivating piecews – the Flemish/Dutch folk song There was a little snow white bird and Bartók’s Andante from his collection For children – made an unforgettable impact during my musical childhood. Bartók’s mastery of arranging Eastern European folk tunes and dances for piano or orchestra has always been impressive to me. But also listening to music from North- and South America and Asia – in particular from Japan and Taiwan -has led to many exciting discoveries. I also find it fascinating how quickly one recognises typical elements or “flavours” in music: after hearing just a few seconds of a piece a listener could already find him/herself in the Scottish Highlands, the Alps of Austria, a moon-lit castle in Japan, or on the streets of Amsterdam, Madrid or Rio de Janeiro… Just as the great film composer Ennio Morricone was capable of creating the atmosphere of the Wild West by using only five notes…

You seem to use a large collection of instruments for this recording …

For sure the recorder cannot ‘moonlight’ as an orchestral instrument, but the use of an extended family of different types and sizes gives us many possibilities to play in different registers and to create various colours within a homogeneous ensemble. For the recording of this CD we made use of around 50 instruments, ranging from a sub-contrabass in FF to a toy recorder, not even half the size of a sopranino. The arrangements were mainly written as encores for The Royal Wind Music. A few were originally made for the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet, and a couple of fun pieces I arranged for ad hoc ensembles at music workshops all around the globe.

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