Bocins d’Aire


Bocins d’Aire

Works by Berio, Donatoni, Andriessen, Ishii, Varela, Bofill & Mestres Quadreny.

Joan Izquierdo, flutes.


Luciano Berio.
  • Gesti (1966)
Franco Donatoni.
  • Sweet (1992)
Louis Andriessen.
  • Sweet (1964)
Anna Bofill.
  • Alternanze (1997). Omaggio a Barbara Strozzi
Maki Ishii.
  • Tenor Recorder Piece (1991)
  • East – Green – Spring
Victor Varela.
  • Oriente (1991)
J.M. Mestres Quadreny.
  • Sonades entre volves (1997)

Total time: 63’45”

Sound: Jorge Marín. Production: José Mª Martín Valverde.



Bocins d’Aire

Works by Berio, Donatoni, Andriessen, Ishii, Varela, Bofill y Mestres Quadreny.

Joan Izquierdo, flute.

I was born in 1966. The adjective “contemporary”, which bothers both when trying to define a genre, makes Berio gestures acquire a certain sentimental value. Gesti was composed in 1966. This certainly is not important. But they say we owe to our elders.
As Sweet Gesti occurs, and both a few generations of flutists and lovers of the instrument concerned that adelente out, which managed to succeed in the way of absolute contemporaneity with itself through works that opened it to that edge made of serialism, electronics, random composition and new instrumental techniques. Andriessen‘s of today may seem to us somewhat “dated”, written in language that is postserial far from the composer’s own maturity, but his illustration of the struggle of the instrument “sweet” with what he was asking that this is a precious document which was a historic crossroad. They say that Mr. Luciano, who was then professor of the young Louis was able to see something different in the suffering of the interpreter who fails to touch everything he asked. We showed that the music flowed from the instrument. Pieces of air.
Josep Maria Mestres-Quadreny reached the flute-like forces of nature and wrote Sonade soon, some wonderful Cap between parentesi for flute quartet and Espai enlla for flute and vibraphone-marimba.
Admirer of Mestres and especially, Xenakis, Anna Bofill wrote Alternanze by his desire to pay tribute to the great Barbara Strozzi (1,619-c.1.665). The work, composed in one movement divided into three parts is a recreation of the subject of formal Sino alla morte of the last book of madrigals of the Venetian composer.
Nor could I miss “my” first book, Victor wrote that in times of students, which meant that I also adore the beaches with the East without knowing them only through the Polo Margariteño that slowly reveals.
Maki Ishii’s work for recorder teacher closes the circle with elegance. The skilful combination of tradition and rabid forefront of the spectacular Black Intention left its mark on the portfolio that followed and even can find their traces in compositions of suspicious quality.

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