• Suite Iberia - 2 cd's

    Isaac Albéniz

    Oscar Martín, Piano

    Double CD   A TREASURE UNVEILED   From beginning to end (with the only exception being 'Lavapiés', which evokes a certain Madrilenian district) Iberia is a triumphant and lively musical reflection on Andalusia through the profound sight and hearing of Isaac Albéniz, and his great instinct and knowledge of the piano. From the delicate and impressionistic 'Evocación' (“evocation”) which opens the series, until the luminous and virtuosic sevillanas in 'Eritaña', Albéniz absorbs, paints, describes and sings the light and shadow, the lig...+ info

  • En Er Mundo

    Directed by Paul Leenhouts

    The Royal Wind Music

    Conductor: Paul Leenhouts

    Taken from an interview with Paul Leenhouts, arranger and director of The Royal Wind Music by Sara Hessel, music director at KMFA Classical Austin 89.5, Texas. Could you tell our listeners a few details about your new album ‘En er mundo’? For this encore CD I was delighted to arrange a mélange of 34 pieces from all over the world, resulting in a colourful collection which certainly doesn’t pretend to be part of the standard repertoire of a renaissance recorder consort. Perhaps, from a classical point of view, one could even be heavily criticised for performing Mus...+ info

  • Louis-Gabriel Guillemain

    'Conversations Galantes et Amusantes'

    Poema Harmónico

    Born in Paris in 1705, Louis-Gabriel Guillemain is, together with Leclair, Guignon and, of course, Rameau, one of the most distinguished representatives of the gallant music popular in 18th century France, although, in many countries, he is perhaps the least well-known of those named. The term “gallant music” has, ever since it became fashionable, been used to describe a courtesan style, that is, in the style of court musicians, which sought to delight and to please, with an apparent lightness that is characteristic of this music. But in the France of the Age of Enlightenment, the...+ info

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NEW: ¡En fiesta tan alegre!

May 14th, 2015

NEW: ¡En fiesta tan alegre!

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