• Bruckner Sixth Symphony

    First Stereo Recording of the 1899 Edition

    Ira Levin, Director y Pianista

    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera

    Bruckner considered the Sixth Symphony, which was composed in 1879-81, to be among his boldest works. "Die Sechste, die keckste" ("the sixth, the brashest"), as he wittily put it. The work has, nevertheless, long been regarded as something of a "stepchild," to borrow Robert Haas's phrase, and has always been among the least often performed of Bruckner's symphonies. The first movement has been cited as one reason for this, as has the unconventional form of the last movement, yet the intrinsic merits of the Sixth, which abounds in superb music, should make it a general favorite among the com...+ info

  • Gaetano Brunetti - String Quartets

    Cuartetos de Cuerda

    Carmen Veneris

    Gaetano Brunetti’s quartets in perspective Gaetano Brunetti (Fano, ca. 1744 – Colmenar de Oreja, December 16th 1798) wrote quartets during most of the time he served the Spanish monarchy. In January 1770, he became music master (“maestro de violín”) to the Prince of Asturias, who later became Charles IV, and started writing music professionally for him. In 1789 he became director of music of the Royal chamber. Brunetti composed most of his chamber and symphonic music, as well as some sonatas, under the King´s patronage between 1767 and 1798. However, be...+ info

  • Domenico Scarlatti

    Keyboard Sonatas para Fortepiano

    Jacques Ogg

    Ever since the first collection of his sonatas, the celebrated 30 Essercizi per Gravicembalo, was published in London in 1738, the keyboard works of Domenico Scarlatti (Naples, 1685 - Madrid, 1757) have been continuously republished and performed. Thirty editions of different Scarlatti sonata collections appeared in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Nuremberg during the 18th century. More editions followed in the 19th century, among them the collection of 200 sonatas published by Czerny in Vienna. The great virtuosos of Romanticism, Liszt, Clara Wieck, Brahms and Czerny himself, following in t...+ info

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