• Bruckner Sixth Symphony

    First Stereo Recording of the 1899 Edition

    Ira Levin, Director y Pianista

    Symphony Orchestra of Norrlands Opera

    Bruckner considered the Sixth Symphony, which was composed in 1879-81, to be among his boldest works. "Die Sechste, die keckste" ("the sixth, the brashest"), as he wittily put it. The work has, nevertheless, long been regarded as something of a "stepchild," to borrow Robert Haas's phrase, and has always been among the least often performed of Bruckner's symphonies. The first movement has been cited as one reason for this, as has the unconventional form of the last movement, yet the intrinsic merits of the Sixth, which abounds in superb music, should make it a general favorite among the com...+ info

  • Nino Rota. Aram Khachaturian

    Conciertos para Piano y Orquesta

    Ana Claudia Girotto, piano

    Conductor: Elena Herrera

    Nino Rota was born in Milan in 1911 within a musical family. He was a child prodigy and excelled in the composition of the orchestra since he was twelve years old when released on his own driving his oratorio 'The childhood of John the Baptist. Received an excellent academic training in Rome, USA and Milan, where he studied literature. He was director of the Conservatory of Bari from 1950 until his death in 1979. Author of ballets, operas, concertos for horn, bass cello, piano, bassoon, and symphonies, heavily emphasizing his brilliant work in film, suffice it to say who is the author of the...+ info

  • Angeles o Calandrias

    Andrés Cea - Mark Chambers

    Andrés Cea, órgano y claviórgano

    ANGELS OR LARKS   Mark Chambers (counter tenor) Andrés Cea (claviorgan) With Bárbara Sela (bassoon) and Arnau Rodón (cornett)   “I remember, when I was a young man, that I heard Cabezón sing at the organ in San Pablo's Convent, and occasionally while playing a chamber organ, and, although his voice was bad, even gruff, he knew how to control it so well that it pleased me as well as Resa's or Talamantes', who were the angelical voices at the time or, shall we say, larks”. This is how the Dominican preacher Friar Agustín Salucio (1...+ info

Latest news:

NEW: ‘A che Bellezza!’

September 30th, 2014

The soprano Mariví Blasco, accompanied by theorbo Juan Carlos Rivera, we are immersed in the Italian Seicento music with Arias and Cantatas of Claudio Monteverdi, Stefano Landi, Benedetto Ferrari, Barbara Strozzi, Domenico Mazzocchi and Giulio Caccini. An remarkable performance of exceptional music.

For more information, click HERE

NEW: ‘A che Bellezza!’

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