• Raclerie Universelle

    17th-century French guitar

    Israel Golani

    RACLERIE UNIVERSELLE The music on this CD represents this zenith in writing for the guitar. The pieces in A minor come from Corbetta’s first French publication titled La Guitarre Royalle. In this outstanding collection Corbetta designates strummed chords to be the rhythmic engine throughout each piece. At the same time the notes of an elaborate melody are realized by plucking or by being placed at the top of a strummed chord. Occasionally inner voices are also introduced, functioning as counter-melodies. Both chords and melodies are extensively embellished. Furthermore, Corbetta nonchal...+ info

  • Louis-Gabriel Guillemain

    'Conversations Galantes et Amusantes'

    Poema Harmónico

    Born in Paris in 1705, Louis-Gabriel Guillemain is, together with Leclair, Guignon and, of course, Rameau, one of the most distinguished representatives of the gallant music popular in 18th century France, although, in many countries, he is perhaps the least well-known of those named. The term “gallant music” has, ever since it became fashionable, been used to describe a courtesan style, that is, in the style of court musicians, which sought to delight and to please, with an apparent lightness that is characteristic of this music. But in the France of the Age of Enlightenment, the...+ info

  • The Flute-Heaven of the Gods

    The Royal Wind Music

    The Royal Wind Music

    Conductor: Paul Leenhouts

    The Flute-Heaven of the Gods (Der Goden Fluyt-hemel) is the title of the first anthology with instrumental works by various composers, published by the music printer Paulus Matthysz (1613/4-1684). He started his business 'in 't Muzyk-boeck in de Stoof-steegh' (‘The Music Book in the Stove Alley’), Amsterdam, in 1640, which was continued by his heirs, Alida and Maria Matthysz, from 1681 to circa 1720. Titles involving gods and mythological figures such as Apollo or Orpheus were often used and characterize the presence of the Antiquity as a trade language in the 17th century. Matthys...+ info

Latest news:

NEW: ‘A che Bellezza!’

September 30th, 2014

The soprano Mariví Blasco, accompanied by theorbo Juan Carlos Rivera, we are immersed in the Italian Seicento music with Arias and Cantatas of Claudio Monteverdi, Stefano Landi, Benedetto Ferrari, Barbara Strozzi, Domenico Mazzocchi and Giulio Caccini. An remarkable performance of exceptional music.

For more information, click HERE

NEW: ‘A che Bellezza!’

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