• Angeles o Calandrias

    Andrés Cea - Mark Chambers

    Andrés Cea, órgano y claviórgano

    ANGELS OR LARKS   Mark Chambers (counter tenor) Andrés Cea (claviorgan) With Bárbara Sela (bassoon) and Arnau Rodón (cornett)   “I remember, when I was a young man, that I heard Cabezón sing at the organ in San Pablo's Convent, and occasionally while playing a chamber organ, and, although his voice was bad, even gruff, he knew how to control it so well that it pleased me as well as Resa's or Talamantes', who were the angelical voices at the time or, shall we say, larks”. This is how the Dominican preacher Friar Agustín Salucio (1...+ info

  • Del Canto Figurado

    Vocal & Instrumental Music of the Spanish Renaissance

    The Royal Wind Music

    Conductor: Paul Leenhouts

    Ensemble music that pre-dates 1600 is for the most part invisible: the overall majority of the scores that survive are composed for voices. Instrumental collections are usually devoted to repertory for solo instruments: on the one hand the popular lute (or, in Spain, the vihuela), on the other hand the practical keyboards, organ and harpsichord. Nevertheless, instrumental ensembles were by no means rare; on the contrary, they flourished all around Europe, and, after 1500, also in the Americas and other overseas territories. In the Spanish dominions, they enjoyed the benefits of regular employm...+ info

  • Lerma. Francisco Correa de Arauxo

    Facultad Orgánica (1626)

    Andrés Cea, órgano y claviórgano

    May 1997. Professor Lorenzo Ghielmi has invited me to teach a course on Correa’s Facultad orgánica to his students at the Civica Scuola di Musica in Milan. Availing of my journey from Spain, Maestro Andrea Marcon has also asked me to give a concert on the Nacchini organ in the church of Santa Maria dei Battuti, in Treviso. Jean-Claude Zehnder was there, travelling with his students from the Schola Cantorum of Basel. Following the concert, some bottles of wine were emptied at the home of Georgio Gregolin, geometra. A night train would then carry me to Milan. At nine in the morning ...+ info

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NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

January 27th, 2014

NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

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