• De la Conquista y otros Demonios

    Los Temperamentos

    Los Temperamentos

    In the fifteenth century, the European “Conquistadores” landed in the Caribbean with the intention of claiming for their own the American continent and everything on it. This marked the gruesome beginning of a new era and led to the radical extermination of entire cultures and the destruction of valuable traditions and artifacts. Through the exploitation of slave labor and the land’s natural resources, the invaders amassed unimaginable riches, much of which flowed into the cultural centers of Europe and supported the creation of famous works that still fill enormous libraries...+ info

  • Música para Flauta y Guitarra

    Mª Esther Guzmán y Luis Orden

    Mª Esther Guzmán, guitarra.
    Luis Orden, flauta

    Out of Stock You can download it from this link (iTunes)   The guitar and flute are, without doubt, one of the most successful combinations in chamber music, especially since the 20th century. This disc is a fine example of that. In a profound, five-stage journey, Maria Esther Guzmán and Luis Orden take us through a delicious universe of sounds, timbres, multi-coloured languages and silences… From classical to popular, with impressionist, romantic and contemporary flavours. The repertoire is outstanding both in its quality and in its technical demands. Although it is n...+ info

  • Frédéric Chopin

    Sonata op. 4 nº 1 en Do menor - Sonata op. 58, nº 3 en Si menor

    Ángeles Iglesias

    Without a doubt, Frederic Chopin is the poet of the piano. With Beethoven, the piano already held a dominant position among musical instruments, but with Chopin it achieved poetic status. Chopin was born in Poland in 1810, 17 years prior to Beethoven's death, and so the parameters of Musical Form were already firmly established at that time in history, and from his childhood he took piano lessons in which he was taught classical structures that can be found in all of his works, even in the most innovative ones such as the Ballades. Chopin explored every possible genre for the piano. His w...+ info

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NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

January 27th, 2014

NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

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