• Piano Transcriptions by Ira Levin

    Obras de Bach, Wagner, Tchaikovsky y Villa-Lobos

    Ira Levin, Director y Pianista

      The art of transcribing for piano has its own rules. You need a deep and precise knowledge of the possibilities of the keyboard to translate to him the specific sounds of the organ, voices and symphony orchestra. In the history of piano transcriptions, and the bar was set very high by Liszt with the symphonies of Beethoven, Berlioz, Schubert's songs and excerpts from operas by Wagner and Busoni and Siloti organ pieces by Bach. The conductor and pianist Ira Levin shows belong to the same group. In his transcriptions of pieces by Johan Sebastian Bach, is capable of playing on the piano, ...+ info

  • Cabezón

    'Suavidad y Extrañeza'

    Andrés Cea, órgano y claviórgano

    Genoa cathedral, 8th of December 1548: “A pontifical mass was celebrated. It was officiated by the singers and chapel of the Prince to the great amazement of all the people, seeing the solemnity that was used and the so divine music of such well selected voices and hearing the sweetness and oddity used in the organ playing by Antonio de Cabezón, unique on this kind of music, another Orpheus of our times” (Calvete de la Estrella: El felicísimo viaje, Antwerp, 1552). Five hundred years after his birth, Cabezón’s music continues to cause wonderment due to h...+ info

  • Bocins d'Aire

    Obras de Berio, Donatoni, Andriessen, Ishii, Varela,
    Bofill y Mestres Quadreny

    Joan Izquierdo, flautas

    I was born in 1966. The adjective "contemporary", which bothers both when trying to define a genre, makes Berio gestures acquire a certain sentimental value. Gesti was composed in 1966. This certainly is not important. But they say we owe to our elders.   As Sweet Gesti occurs, and both a few generations of flutists and lovers of the instrument concerned that adelente out, which managed to succeed in the way of absolute contemporaneity with itself through works that opened it to that edge made of serialism, electronics, random composition and new instrumental techniques. Andriessen's of...+ info

Latest news:

NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

January 27th, 2014

NOVEDAD: Gaetano Brunetti. Divertimenti para Tríos de Cuerda. Serie IV

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